Studio owner of APG Pilates and teacher:

Angela Paul-Gaito 

(owner of APG Pilates and Studio 87 The Wellness House)

was born in Perpignan, France where she trained in dance with master teacher Matt Mattox. After becoming a certified student with the Alvin Ailey school, she performed for 7 years around the world in the french musical “Notre Dame de Paris”. She was part of the creation team of “A New Day”, Celine Dion” show in Belgium and Las Vegas. She was a singer in the short musical version «The legend of Lion King» in Eurodisney Paris and has worked as a free-lance dancer for various companies, theater and TV projects. She was introduced to Pilates thru dance, but really connected with the intelligence of the technique and became truly involved after her first pregnancy to “reforme” her body. She then, became very aware of all the great benefits as a dancer, a teacher but most importantly as a woman. Angela is trained by Balanced Body w/Ann Toran , Joy Karley, Fabrice Lamego and became certified by Polestar Education in 2009 with Brent Anderson. Her continuing education include training and workshops with Pamela A Downey”Don’t hurt the Momma”,Linda FIt “Pilates and props”,Anatomy in 3D and Pilates on tour with BB education,where Jennifer Kries convince her about the importance of the classical system...In 2015, Angela start her bridging program with Juliet Harvey from Beacon Pilates to improve her practice and knowledge on the Classical form of the Pilates method.Angela is also teaching at “Pilates Reforming NY” in New York City where her clients have included Broadway performers, radio
city rockets, prize NYC marathoners... She also teaches for several workshops in France and taught for the Alvin Ailey Dance Company during their French tour.
Angela has been teaching in the Hudson Valley since 2009. She opened her own studio in Newburgh in 2012 and has been located in front of the Washinghton Headquarters since March 2014, where she can enjoy the revival of this beautiful city!

 Angela is really happy to be surrounded by a wonderful team. 

APG Pilates Teachers:

Kathy Gitto /

Pilates Mat Instructor

“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.”

-Joseph Pilates

Kathy received her instructor training in Pilates Mat 1 & Mat 2 through Balanced Body Education at Pilates Reforming NY in NYC.  She studied under accomplished instructor and studio owner, Ann Toran and continued on to complete her apprenticeship here at APG Pilates.

A Newburgh native, Kathy began taking Pilates several years ago on the recommendation of a friend who touted its many benefits.  After one class she was hooked on the Pilates method, which has become an important part of her every day lifestyle.  She has taken classes at studios throughout the Hudson Valley, which have provided her with foundations in both classical and contemporary Pilates.

For more than twenty years she has taught art in Orange County.  Her background in education, coupled with her desire to deepen her own knowledge of Pilates and anatomy are her motivation for becoming a trainer.  She strongly follows Joseph Pilate’s philosophy that physical and mental well being are ageless.

Sub and Guest teachers:

Martina Enschede,

Pilates Trainer

Kane's School of Core Integration Certified  Instructor

Over a decade of teaching Pilates has made Martina a compassionate and intuitive teacher. She will challenge your body and mind in your session whether you are new to Pilates or are a seasoned client. As a former professional dancer, she has a deep understanding of the anatomy and kinesiology of the body.

Martina received her full Mat and Equipment Pilates certification from the Kane School of Core Integration in 2003. She has taught at studios throughout the Metro area including Riverside Pilates, NYC; Riverspa, Irvington; Moving Body, Woodstock; and Pilates Club of Saugerties, NY. ;Euphoria Yoga; Pilates of New Paltz.

Originally from the Netherlands, Martina also taught at the Anna Moira studio in Amsterdam. 

She has worked with athletes, pregnant and post-partum women, professional dancers and golfers. Her ongoing education include Pre-Pilates with Helge Fischer, Prenatal and postpartum Pilates with Debbie Goodman, Pelvic Floor with Kelly Kane, The Foot with Kelly Kane, Gyrokinesis and more.She helps and rehabilitates clients with knee/hip replacements, multiple sclerosis, scoliosis, shoulder/neck injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoporosis, back injuries and other conditions. Martina also teaches workshops on the Pelvic Floor, Shoulder Mechanics, Deep Core Conditioning and more.


This mind body method named after German born Joseph H Pilates (1880-1967) and originally called “ Contrology ” is a physical movement program design to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. This system of exercises is based on precise repetitive movements, which, when performed in sequence focus on strengthening the abdominals muscles(core),which in turn support the spine and stabilize your pelvis. The result is to improved flexibility, mobility of joints, body alignment and posture, as well as efficiency of movement. This method has been created to reeducate any type of body, from children to injured soldiers and his exercises has been inspired by different forms of sports as swimming, ice skating, boxing, and dance…

 The reformer is the most popular and versatile piece of Pilates equipment. On the mat, your body provides resistance and assistance for the exercises, affected only by gravity and your body weight. Reformers can offer either additional resistance or support, which allows the exercises to be easier or more challenging.

You sit, kneel, stand or lie on the carriage, and make it glide along the rails by using arms or legs to push away from the foot bar,  or by pulling on the ropes. Tension created by extending the springs, and the control required to return the carriage, is what works the muscles. 

In our class, you will also be introduce to chair and tower work.


Who and What is Pilates?