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When owner Angela Paul-Gaito moved APG Pilates to her new Newburgh location in March 2014, she brought with her an ardent love for her new-found home city. As her clientele and relationships in the surrounding community grew, so did her passion for expanding the services she could offer them. In April 2015, massage practitioner Lisa Knowles owner of Partner to Heal and instructors Linda and Chester Freeman owners of Bliss Body Yoga and Got2Lindy Dance Studios joined her and together named this sharing place: La Maison du Bien-Être/the Wellness house. In September 2016, Pilates instructor Kathy Gitto and Yoga instructor Kelly Hanna joined the studio and  this home of wellness  was then renamed Studio87--the Wellness House.

Studio87 is located at 87 Liberty Street in the historic area of the city of Newburgh. The studio is situated across the street from the Washington Headquarters Historic Site, which provides a lovely view for our clients.

A quick look at our bios reveals that Studio87 now houses some of the Hudson Valley's most seasoned and outstanding practitioners and instructors in pilates, yoga, massage and dance.

Studio 87 The Wellness House is now a renting space available for wellness practitioners.

The mission of the studio is to provide a personal haven for Newburgh residents and in the surrounding communities who seek balance in their bodies and in their lives. Welcome home to Studio87--The Wellness House.

Contact Angela at apgpilates@aol.com or (917) 403 3136, if you are interested on renting the space.

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